While the time that it takes to be seen can be longer and vary, Dr. Shaikh and his team hold themselves to higher standards and always follows HIPAA and all laws/policies of the APA. Unfortunately not everyone can be pleased, patients that do not regularly attend appointments or make appointments in a timely manner can be met with some obstacles when needing refills or new scripts for their medication . It’s a shame but attendance is required for some controlled substances and even though the staff understand life happens and issues can arise that make it so patients are unable to attend, by state law certain things must be done a certain way. Its heart breaking and sad to see that taken out on the staff and people who work there who do everything they can to help those in need. But it’s so rewarding to see people thank the staff up and down when the staff goes above and beyond to help others which happens way more frequently than some of these reviews lead you to believe. Trust that all policies and laws are respected and followed.

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