Dave Keys is a professional, intelligent and genuine therapist. I am diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and suffered a psychotic episode in May of 2018. A few months after that, I began working with Dave. I saw multiple therapist prior to working with Dave with no significant changes. I began EMDR therapy per Dave’s recommendation. The thought of having to trust someone and share experiences and emotions I never shared with anyone, not even prior therapist, terrified me. I have serious trust issues and Dave was very very patient with me during this process and continues to be very patient with me. He is non-judgmental, never makes me feel bad about past behaviors and works with me to make sure I don’t repeat those behaviors. I have been seeing Dave twice a week for 8 months now and he has provided me a place where I feel comfortable and safe opening up about my traumas and the emotions that come up when revisiting those traumas. Seeking his services and undergoing EMDR therapy has made and continues to make a difference in my life. The personal growth I have achieved with his help is tremendous. Our sessions are helping provide me with a positive outlook, to embrace the changes I have made, and is preparing me for future happiness. I would highly recommend Dave for any of your personal counseling needs.

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